Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Visiting Friends, Homecoming Surprise, and Growing Family

Life is never boring in our house!  There are always lots of people, lots of laughter,  lots of fun, and lots of surprises!  However, this past month has gone to a whole new level of joy!

Mid-January, we were very blessed to have a week long visit from some very dear friends from Ohio, Sam and Debra Silvers.  Their first night here, God showed off His handiwork by giving our neighboring volcano an awesome display of shooting lava.  Deb and I shared coffee on the roof top and talked about our upcoming newborn grandsons.  Deb and I had breakfast with Krishauna at her house.  Daryl and Sam did ministry together.  The four of us, along with Dale and Anita Beyer, shared a dinner at a restaurant with a beautiful view of our town and mountains.  What a wonderful visit it was!

On January 26th, Daryl and I were able to surprise most of the family with a 4 week visit from Carissa and Taryn!  They had to leave Uganda to renew their visas, and a last minute change of plans brought them to Guatemala.  (Long story, short--it was cheaper for them to fly home to Guatemala to renew their visas than it was to do the necessary changes to renew their visas there in Africa.)  Even though it was unplanned by us, God knew and it turned into a great blessing for all of us.  It had been 6 months since we saw Taryn and slightly over a year since we saw Carissa.  And they were able to be here for the birth of Brittney's baby!  So much fun!!!  They will be heading back to Uganda this week.

This past month Hogar de la Esperanza grew again.  We accepted 3 year old Genesis into our home and family.  As a result of her cerebral palsy, she was unable to stay at her previous home.  She is very beautiful and most of the time, very happy.  Welcome, Genesis!

Our last piece of big news is the birth of our third grandchild!  On February 3rd, Brittney and Joel gave birth to Christopher Caleb Caal Fulp.  (In Guatemala, the baby takes two last names...the father's name and then the mother's name.)  Brittney and baby are doing well!  What a miracle childbirth is! And what a blessing Christopher Caleb is!

God continues to surprise us and overwhelm us 
with family and ministry!  

He is good!!!


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